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Art Weekend 2011 will be held on May 26-30 in Roxbury, NY in a 140 year-old restored farmhouse on 60 acres. GoogleMaps

  • (see comments below)
    • Hey, this place says it sleeps 12... Mark/El, Jeff/Marie, Jen/Chris, Nicole/Hugh, Me, With Markus and Lisa, that's 11... who am I missing?
    • Technically, it has 6 beds, and assumes Base-2 logic.
      • Ah, silly me and my decimal logic, it always winds up biting me in the a** Aerospcgrl
    • Markus is going to crash on an airbed in the room with El and me. MarkS
  • Not for nothing, and I know we're going to be REALLY LATE because of the job I'm threatening to quit on a daily basis, but if there's an option of a bathtub for soaking, or not...let's just say you don't REALLY want to fight me for it, do you? ;) Jen


Please add your name to the list below if you would like to attend Art Weekend 2011. You can add your username with three tildes.

  • MarkS and Eleanora (d,p)
  • Aerospcgrl (d,p)
  • Mcniadh (p)
  • Eric
  • Emily
    • d/t Mentioned below: we have a conflict for the 28th. Katie has a piano recital. I need to know hard dates fast if I need to make extra arrangements.
  • Chris and Jen (d,p)
    • d/t Tibet in June, I really don't have time to take off as vacation days as previously planned -- in fact, I'm on deck to work until 6pm or so Friday May 27th -- so the driving can't be insane for us or we'll never get there. redmed
    • We'll find something that will work for you guys. Jeffab
  • Jeff and Marie (p)
  • Nicolem and Kennedyh (d,p)
  • Lisa (p)

Lodging for Art Weekend 2011 should cost $150-250 per person---no other payment to (Jeffab) will be required. Other expenses you will probably incur are travel and food.

  • Richard: While I'd like to attend, this is obviously contingent on how my travel from Australia is scheduled. I will do my darndest but can't guarantee. In the event that we get a place with decent broadband next year (as we did this year), can we discuss possibilities for virtual attendance or skypecasting? This may work okay at least for presenting my own material.  :)
  • Emily: Can someone send me the right address to send the check to? I am sure I have Mark and El's address somewhere but I need to verify I have the correct one. I should be doing bills this week.

Space priority

As space might be limited in this and future Art Weekends, it seems appropriate to articulate an invitation policy. I would prefer that AW not become an elitist, special-friends-only gathering, but for the benefit of individual artistic expression and collective peace, some amount of vetting will probably be required. I propose priority to go as follows:

  1. Previous Art Weekend attendees who get their deposits in on time.
  2. SO's of previous attendees (who have not themselves attended an Art Weekend) who get their deposits in on time.
  3. Others (and their SOs) recommended by someone from groups 1, then 2, who get their deposits in on time.

After deposits are collected (be it in August, October, or December of the preceding year), a venue will be selected based upon the number of deposits (and other factors, naturally). If anyone drops out between the deposit deadline and Art Weekend itself, a replacement should be found according to the same priorities as above. [But what if a #3 can get their deposit in before a #1?]

  • [I generally prefer a #1 before a #2, but that's just my preference.]
  • Mars, then Jupiter


Deposits will be $100 again, and will probably be due in late 2010. Don't stop that from sending yours now, though.



Jeff and Marie will be going international. Traveling from Port Huron to NY via Niagra.

  • We will likely have the Silver Shuttle, so if the MI contingent would like to meet in PH, we can carpool.
    • Just tell us where and when to meet you! Yay! Road trip! Aerospcgrl


Who's the MA contingent? Chris, Jen, El, and Mark? I liked carpooling, but what's your schedule, Jen? MarkS

  • Um, sucks. Duh.... Losing! Officially off L&D for the day, but switched out for clinic that's ... in the afternoon. Doh! Redmed

Looks like El and I will be leaving Boston Friday morning for the 4 hour, 3 minute drive. Markus might be joining us for that. MarkS

  • Yup, I'll be flying into Boston Thursday night and sleeping in your car. Mcniadh
  • We'll be leaving MA around 6pm for the 4 hour 23 minute drive (assuming we make good time to your house. Chris


Hugh has to work, so we'll be leaving at noon on Friday to get up there. Nicolem


Memorial Day weekend seems to work for the most people, though Hemlock Pt Lodge is booked for that weekend.

What about Friday, May 27 through Monday, May 30?

Who would show up a day earlier, if we booked a place starting Thursday, May 26? MarkS

Emily Hi! I need some hard closure on dates. We have a major conflict as Katie's piano recital is on May 28th. I would vastly prefer if we could move up a weekend or down a weekend. If we cannot, I need to know immediately to arrange for her to get to her recital. I'm not thrilled about missing it if we have a conflict but it is what it is.


$ = Very Affordable $$ = Average for AW (~$2500) $$$ = Probably too expensive but worth looking at



(Not bad from DC, A2, or Cleveland, but a massive drive for the Boston contingent)

Ontario, Canada




I love to cook, but I missed out on the planning. I'll just plan to contribute miscellaneous stuff along the way. I do a good pineapple curry ...


  • Whoops, we're not going to be there Thursday night; tacos moved to Saturday. MarkS
    • Ya know what, I think Jeff, Marie, me, and possibly Leesie will be here... I can take Thursday instead of Friday, if we think that might be better? Lemme know...
    • I don't want to miss it, though! MarkS
    • WTF there's a THURSDAY?!?? Redmed
      • So Goddamn lost!!


  • I got dinner here, Hello Morrocan Chicken/Shrimp... Lees, wanna go in with me? Aerospcgrl


  • Breakfast - Jeff and Marie - Yup. Omelettes.
  • El and I can put together our vegetarian taco dinner pretty quickly. Flour tortillas, black beans (with garlic, cumin, red pepper), guacamole (avocados, garlic, cilantro, lemon juice, salt, pepper), mild salsa (red bell pepper, roma tomatoes, cilantro), chopped baby spinach, shredded sharp white cheddar cheese, sour cream, hot sauce. MarkS


I think Hugh and I can take this dinner-I have no idea what we'll make though :) It will involve the copious amounts of greens that have been coming out of our garden.


  • No need for dinner today


  • MarkS
    • Want to slam on development of a liquid painting program, with ultimate aims of offering it as an iPhone or Android app.
      • I do believe that liquid+phone = warranty void Jeffab
    • Also considering a multi-page (collage-like) rendering of galaxies colliding, but white-on-white.
    • Without E&E or Britt present, I might have to provide some guitarage.
  • Jeff:
    • Android game coding
    • Audio coding - For the last few AWs, I've been wanting to write a program that will allow the user to define a musical template (rhythm, melody/chord progression, etc) and then continuously sample the environment for sound clips that it can use to fill the template.
  • I had intended to learn to felt my own soap, but I haven't had the time to make soap, so we will felt other people's soap... I will also bring my guitar, and I will be making jewelry, and working on my business plan for AeroGirl Designs!
    • I'm not sure that I'm comfortable with other people felting my soap. Jeffab
      • You're so uptight, bro, just relaaaax and go with it, man... Aerospcgrl
  • I'll be writing up knitting patterns and doing some more knitting. I've got roving to make the felted soap with. I may also try to do some spinning. eleanora
    • Yay! I have soap! We will felt soap! Yay! I am weird. Aerospcgrl
      • And if you can't felt soap, I have lots of yellow yarn Redmed
    • You know the first time I read that I totally thought it said kitten patterns. Nicolem
  • I'll be doing small painting studies and maybe working on the wedding quilt.
  • Chris
    • Got my painting, still just using that as a meditation
    • Got my gi pants - gonna try to remember Kempo forms
    • Gonna collaborate with El on drilling glass to make vessels for infused olive oils, vinegars, and spirits.
    • Gonna cook a batch of pickled peppers
    • Gonna continue that Dalai Lama transcription effort I've been working on for a number of years now.
  • Redmed
    • Ask Mark to show me the RAW thing for photomerging
    • Put pieces of fabric together
    • Figure out how to find a decent shower between NYC and Chengdu, China in 2 weeks.
    • Maybe knit, maybe knot
    • Read? No really good ideas....

Alcohol Plans

  • Jeff:
    • all-grain, orange-peel, coriander, wheat ale (mostly a Blue Moon clone) kegged on 05/17. low-alcohol content. mrrr.
      • Crud. Should have supplemented with 3 lbs of malt extract. It's not bad, but it does fit the joke about american beer and canoeing.
      • Hopefully, it will be supplemented with products from "A New Dwan Brewery".
    • will also supply a half-case of a pilsener lager (high-alcohol) and a half-case of a mellow all-grain brown ale (low-alcohol)
  • Chris
    • EXTREEEEEEME Peppercorn Rye Bock. A spicy, amazingly clear lager. High alcohol. Codename "Europa," (attempt no landings here), named for the fact that we chilled it in a snow bank rather than using the immersion chiller.
    • EXTREEEEEEME Brown Ale. A strong brown ale including molasses, brown sugar, and maple syrup. Codename "Brownout," after the rolling power failures of the unseasonably hot summer.
    • Mostly all-grain Porter, modeled on the "Boulder Porter". Codename "Oil slick" since the letters "BP" on the caps make me think of the disaster in the gulf of mexico last year.
    • A vertical of the five years of wine, including the 2010 offering : "Secret Sister" primitivo.
  • MarkS
    • Considering bringing a dessert wine vertical: German Beerenauslese, German Eiswein, Hungarian Tokaji. Who's interested?
    • Was considering bringing a 3l red, but couldn't find one in time; sorry.
  • Aerospcgrl
    • Scotch.
      • 15 year old Balvenie... Chris you gots the smokes?
      • Chris I'll see what I can do


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