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Welcome to the SNC Institute for Hyperdimensional Physics!

What is the SNC Institute?

North Publicity Committee

  • North is a folk-rock band from Ann Arbor, MI; the North Wiki is also hosted here.
  • WTF? Band porn?

Annual Art Weekend (Stockstock)

Art Weekend is an annual gathering of artistic and thoughtful people. If this describes you, please join us!

Art Weekend 2014

Art Weekend 2013 - May 23-27, Doylestown, PA; 8+ attendees

Art Weekend 2012 - June 14-17, "Hemlock Point Lodge", Thompson, Pennsylvania; 8 attendees

Art Weekend 2011 - May 26-30, "1853 Farmhouse", Roxbury, NY; 11 attendees

Art Weekend East 2010 - May 28-31, "Shandaken Inn", Belleayre, New York; 10 attendees

Art Weekend West 2009 - Did not occur

Art Weekend East 2009 - May 28-31, "Streamside", Windham, New York; 15 attendees

Art Weekend 2008 - May 29-June 1, "Hemlock Point Lodge", Thompson, Pennsylvania; 13 attendees

Art Weekend 2007 - June 7-10, "Sunset View Farm", Bovina Center, New York; 8 attendees

Other special occasions

Steve Turns Forty - Apr 25-29, 2012; Manistee, MI

Mark Turns Forty - May 5-11, 2013; Hancock, VT

El Turns Forty - In the future

Until we find a better place to store this data, here are some sites that collect vacation rental listings: Otalo, VRBO

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